Footnotes EP5 – NY Primary Aftermath

In Footnotes EP5, host Jonathan J. Cianfaglione briefly discusses NY Primary aftermath, and how Sanders joins Trump in complaining about a system when it stop working in their favor.

Host: Jonathan J. Cianfaglione (@jjcianfaglione via Twitter)
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Show Notes

Footnotes EP5 – NY Primary Aftermath, April 20, 2016.

NY Primary Aftermath

  • Trump breaks 50% of the vote for the first time, capturing 60% of NY voters
  • Trump leaves 3 delegates on the table for Kasich
  • Clinton only wins 11 of NY’s 62 counties, but wins the counties that matter most
  • Clinton’s victory forecloses a Sanders avenue to victory, notwithstanding an act from God

Closed Primary System:

  • Sanders joins Trump in complaining about a system that stops working in their favor
  • 11 states have a closed primary system
  • 6 closed primaries (including NY) have taken place thus far in this Presidential race
  • Of the 6 closed primaries, Sanders won 4 of those contests
  • Candidates raise issues when they think those issues will effect them negatively, but not when those same issues effect them positively.