About the Author

Jonathan Cianfaglione is in the thick of life, where he concentrates on writing, advocating, learning, and lending his expertise to individuals, businesses, and the government alike.

Jonathan Cianfaglione is also the author to the inspiring human-dog relationship building book, “Common Man’s Guide to Man’s Best Friend: A Common Sense Approach to Dog Training.”  This book is rapidly becoming distinguished for its common sense approach, readability, and in-depth look into dogs, humans, and their corresponding relationship.

Apart from his book, thoughts on policy, law, and politics is found on Jonathan Cianfaglione’s personal blog, Logical Post.

As a Veteran, Jonathan Cianfaglione co-founded and helps lead the nonprofit Unified Front (a.k.a UF Institute), which focuses on affecting policy and providing legal services to the Veteran and Military communities.  UF Institute has been a voice for Veterans at various events and topics, including a recent PTS event,  ASU & Wings for Warriors: Case Study on PTS.

Those interested in arranging speaking engagements with Jonathan Cianfaglione, or editorial services, please email: jonathan@vigconsulting.com.  For businesses, universities, and organizations interested in consulting services, please see below.

Fulfilling Jonathan Cianfaglione’s passion for research, writing, and advocacy, he utilizes Logical Post as a means to an end.  You can connect with Jonathan Cianfaglione by following his Twitter, or connecting with him on LinkedIn, or Google+.

For Businesses, Universities, and Organizations

Businesses interested in consulting services can reach out to VIG & Associates, either through the website, or by email at: contact@vigconsulting.com.  VIG & Associates provides consulting services to individuals, businesses, and governments alike, offering tailored strategies in various areas to address current, future, and unforeseen issues.

Businesses looking into arranging speaking engagements with Jonathan Cianfaglione are encouraged to follow the aforesaid directions, or by emailing Jonathan directly at: jonathan@vigconsulting.com

For those startups, businesses, and organizations utilizing Business On Tapp, you can find Jonathan Cianfaglione’s profile in the app, here, or at his vanity: tapp.com/jjcianfaglione.  Separately, you can also find exclusive content presented by VIG & Associates for businesses on a variety of issues at VIGHub.