Millennics EP10 – Trump is Outmaneuvered and Out Negotiated

EP10 of Millennics looks at how Trump is Outmaneuvered and Out Negotiated by Ted Cruz.

Host: Jonathan J. Cianfaglione (@jjcianfaglione)
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Donald Trump’s Op-ed: Let Me Ask America a Question

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Millennics EP10 – Trump is Outmaneuvered and Out Negotiated, April 15, 2016

Welcome to another episode of Millennics—a podcast discussing politics, policy, and law from the viewpoint of Millennials.  I’m your host, Jonathan J. Cianfaglione, and Millennics is presented by and support for this podcast comes from VIG and Associates.

In today’s episode, I’m taking aim at Trump’s recent round of rhetoric, where he calls into question the fairness of the delegate process.  And, of course, Trump’s rhetoric wouldn’t be complete without some choice words for the GOP and the RNC Chairman.

But, they can hold their own; so, they don’t need me doing the talking for them.  What I am concerned with, again, is the confusion Trump injects into the mainstream consciousness of Americans.  You see, what Trump likes to do is deal the deck a particular way.

First, he presents himself as being the outsider, then turns to the issue, and, finally, concludes with how this issue is adversely effecting him, consequently, effecting the voters.  Clever as it may be, this is all untrue.

In Trump’s recent op-ed in the WSJ, I’ve posted the link on for those interested, he does this same old dance.  Before I go any further, let’s put this into context by talking about the catalyst for Trump taking pen to paper.

Over the weekend, Colorado delegates voted in a convention style setting.  At the end of it, Cruz swept all the delegates.  Colorado has a unique system, where votes are cast for delegates, and then those delegates go to a convention to cast a vote for the candidate.  Each delegate gets 10 secs to make their case to other delegates at the convention.  Yes, 10 secs.  This is unlike a typical voting primary, where voters cast a vote for the candidate directly, not a delegate.  Delegates become attached to a candidate based on the outcome of the vote in that congressional district.  Nevertheless, this is still legal.  Go back to any one of our previous podcasts, and you’ll hear me say that many states have their own quirks; it takes a savvy candidate—or just a candidate with their head screwed on—to know what’s going on.

Back to Trump.  After reeling from the loss in Colorado, and losing open delegates elsewhere to Cruz, Trump has taken to the bullhorn.  At Trump rallies, he continues to opine how unfairly treated he is, and how this system—I’m not sure if that means the entire election process or just certain states’ primaries—is rigged, and is disenfranchising voters.  As you can imagine, the article was inundated with the notion that Mr. Trump is an outsider, and this so-called Washington Cartel is putting a strangle hold on American voters.   Before I go any further, I’m assuming by system, Mr. Trump means the democratic electoral process.

Well, flatly, I’m not a buyer.  First of all, I’m never really persuaded by the simple suggestion that the system is rigged and flawed.  Particularity in cases like such, are mandatory.  Absent such particularity, it debases the entire argument that the system is somehow working incongruent with the American people.  Furthermore, American’s have relied on this system for over 230 years.  Why is it suddenly in 2016, that the system is now flawed, rigged, and disenfranchising folks.

Concededly, states can change the rules.  Thus, the rules have been changed over time.  But, the mainstays of the democratic electoral process haven’t change.

What is going on, however, that seems to have Mr. Trump roasted, is that he is being out negotiated by Cruz.  Part of being a savvy candidate is knowing the system, and how to manipulate it to work in your benefit.  Cruz and his team have showed competence by knowing where to put their efforts, what levers to pull, and how to get it done.

In short, the Cruz campaigning is outmaneuvering and out negotiating the Trump campaign by leaps and bounds.  This, I suspect, is what has Trump all hot and bothered.  I’ll note here that Trump never argues disenfranchisement or of a rigged system when he won all the delegates in certain states without ever obtaining the majority vote.  Most recently, this happened in FL and SC, where Trump never won the majority vote.  What’s more, is even some congressional districts were won by other GOP candidates.  Nonetheless, Trump took all the delegates.

Under Trump’s proposal, though, this would be considered disenfranchisement; however, it seems disenfranchisement isn’t a concern of Mr. Trump’s when it is working in his favor.

It is has been widely established that Trump’s campaign has backed away from retail politics.  In so doing, the Trump campaign has largely left to the wind the concept of having a ground game.  Dispensing with the ground game, though, is proving to be a large mistake, as other campaigns that do have a ground game know how to direct their focus, and breed the desired outcome.

Trump continually strains logic beyond its bending point.  As a New York Times op-ed has said, “Trump is running for the office Abraham Lincoln once held with less preparation than most Americans take to buy a sofa.”  Indeed, this sentence is finding its validity, evidenced by simple mistakes made by the Trump campaign that other candidates have a good grasp on.

Taken to a global view, this week has shown a piece everyone has missed: when Trump is outmaneuvered and out negotiated, he crumbles; he cries foul.  This gives me deep concerns of the level of competency Trump—prone to this type of reaction—would have on the international stage. There, the big players on the international stage play for keeps, and simple mistakes, unpreparedness, and not being able to negotiate or persuade people don’t even put the U.S. in the pack … it puts the U.S. dead last.  Perhaps, though, given Trump’s bromance with Putin, he may find a shoulder to cry on if he gets out maneuvered on the international stage.  Unless of course, it’s Putin doing the out maneuvering.

That concludes this episode of Millennics on how Trump is outmaneuvered and out negotiated.  I’m your host, Jonathan J. Cianfaglione, and never hesitate to engage me on twitter @jjcianfaglione.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the Millennics podcast on iTunes, or Google Play.  And, you can listen to Millennics on SoundCloud at