Trump Follows Campaign Message

Trump Follows Campaign Message with Recent Picks

Trump follows campaign message as he names three picks to capture law and order.

As the U.S. is hungrily awaiting Trump’s cabinet selection, and the vetting thereof, Trump follows campaign message of law and order. After filling priority positions of Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist and Senior Counsel—Reince Preibus and Steve Bannon, respectively—Trump moved to fill in top positions that focus on law and order. To that end, Trump named the following law and order positions: Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor; Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, and; Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA Director.

This article is not an in-depth review of each pick; rather, this article simply points out that this was an unsurprising move by the President-elect who campaigned on law and order. That, however, does not mean that an in-depth review is not warranted. Indeed, some of Trump’s picks have concerning pasts, such as Sen. Sessions, and Steve Bannon. Thus, for an in-depth review of each of Trump’s new law and order men, see NPR’s article on Trump’s latest picks.

If Trump’s first picks of law and order positions were unsurprising, then equally unsurprising it will be if, upon conclusion of filling his cabinet, not one position will be held by a minority. Put another way, I expect an all-white cabinet by President-elect Trump. Not because I believe Trump has racial tendencies—which I do—but, because based off of Trump’s positions, the talent pool is predominately white. Thus, by a numbers standpoint, the selections are likely to be white.

This is in stark contrast to Ronald Reagan who, similarly following a law and order push, ushered in the highest number of minorities into government positions in history.