Update: iPhone Unlocking Case, Apple v. FBI

Approximately two weeks ago, a court entered an ex parte order in favor of the FBI to compel Apple to unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooters on Dec. 2, 2015–now considered in the media the iPhone Unlocking case.  At that time, a Millennics Podcast episode went over the facts of the iPhone unlocking case, the arguments for Apple and the FBI, and the dangers of crossing this “unknown” boundary.

Since that Millennics episode, a lot has happened: (1) Apple has commenced a furious campaign to ensure the public understands the issues; (2) the FBI seems to be trying to mitigate the damage of the order and what they are requesting by marginalizing the request; (3) Apple released a written testimony to Congress in preparation for their oral testimony to Congress today, and; (4) Apple filed a motion to vacate with the court on Feb. 26, 2016.

Because the iPhone unlocking case has taken large leaps since the aforesaid Millennics episode, I wanted to provide an update of the information that has been released.  To that end, below is Apple’s written testimony, along with a copy of Apple’s motion to vacate.  Once video is released of Apple’s oral testimony to Congress today, that will be posted, as well.

Updates to the iPhone unlocking case (Apple v. FBI)

Apple’s congressional testimony (written).
Apple’s Motion to Vacate, Feb. 26, 2016.

Congressional hearing in re Apple iPhone Encryptions (Apple v. FBI).